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axto is an inventory system that manages your stock and keeps track of it while you are on your way to reign the market. Our strategy lies solely on the satisfaction of our customers. Thus we bring to you an itemized catalogue of your stock which is easily accessible and manageable. Our interface is built for people who do not prefer sitting with a spreadsheet, rummaging through the thick scriptures on the norms of the new tax. However, if you are embittered by the incomprehensibility of your current feature-bloated inventory system, then we are here at your service!

Awesome Design & Great Functionalities

axto guarantees perfection as we believe that if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. Come and explore the ultimate inventory system.


Beyond Your Expectation

axto keeps track of your stock, inventory, purchases, sales orders, payments and taxes with ease as we want our clients to feel pampered beyond expectation.

axto - online and offline sync

Online and Offline Sync

axto can be used both in the online and offline modes. It enables online and offline synchronization of datas and inputs.

axto - simple and superfast

Simple and Super-fast

We believe in developing products that are user friendly as we pay utmost importance to the ease and satisfaction of our customers. axto is very simple, easy to use and it resolves all the problems related to taxes with a single click of a button.

axto - fully responsive

Fully Responsive

axto is a responsive product which works with finesse and flair in every medium be it your personal computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. It guarantees excellence and it has been developed with utmost perfection as we believe that the only way to find the right mix of products and services is by being responsive to our customers.

axto - easy configuration

Easy to Configure

axto is a simplified inventory system which is easy to configure and focuses towards the designated task.

axto - clean design

Clean Design

As beauty is found in the simplest of things, axto has been developed with a very simple and elegant approach. The web application is a technical masterpiece which perfectly blends technology with simplicity.

axto - instant support

Instant Support

Our goal is to have customer service which is not just the best but legendary. We believe in keeping our customers satisfied hence, we provide instant assistance round the clock.